It’s just a fortnite since I wore this stylish High-waist pants with a Flare Crop top when I was taking a mini gateway with my baby to Kisumu city.

So today I was going through the pictures in my gallery and I came across this fascinating pictures. Of this outfit and thought to myself “why not share them with you here on my blog .”

Immediately I came back from my mini gateway, I shared about ‘the travel essentials when flying with an infant on flight‘. The article is very helpful to any parent who is planning to fly with a baby on board. If you haven’t read it, click here to read it and get informed.

Travelling in a pair of jeans is usually more easy, warm and very comfortable.

I was going to a city whose temperatures are usually higher than normal. I didn’t want to dress too warmly so that incase it happens to be cold there I would be still fine. That’s why I went for this cute Flare crop too paired with High-waist stylish jeans and my favorite white+golden comfy open high heels.

On top of this Flare crop top, I had worn an off-white official coat which I removed immediately we touched down because the weather was hot and cloudy.

Nowadays carrying a big bag is the order of the day. If you know you know. This red bag that I was gifted in my baby’s shower complemented this outfit pretty well.

Best Fashion Blogger in Kenya - Flare crop top with a stylish High-waist pants
Best Fashion blogs in Kenya - stylish High-waist jeans with a Flare Crop top
Top fashion bloggers in Kenya - High-waist Jeans
Best Fashion Bloggers in Africa - stylish High-waist jeans with a Flare Crop top
Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger in Africa - stylish outfit

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  1. Baby you look like a hot latina in these trousers and heels. Your legs look sexy. I like your hair tied up like this too. You make me wanna salsa with you. πŸ˜‰ x x x x


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