Guess who is sitting on her own now in – just us – Milestones and Fun Moments !! 🀭

It’s baby Eliaaannnaa!! I’m literally screaming out these words as I type.

I’m super excited.

It’s one of those baby milestones I’ve been anxiously waiting to see her achieve, and that moment finally happened a week ago.

She ain’t too stable but her nursing pillow is coming in handy.

I’m just worried sick about her falling on her face as she tries to lift herself up to sit 🀨. This has happened quite a number of times and it has made me too afraid to leave her alone for just a few seconds.

The paranoia is so real!

Let’s veer off a bit ; So many things have been going on in my life such that putting my mind together to write three articles a week as I always do has been super difficult. Huh, you should have seen how I was struggling to give this article a topic! Mahn, it was super difficult. I kept on typing and deleting. Even deciding what to write was super hard πŸ˜…. So here we are with “Just Us – Milestones and Fun Moments πŸ˜‚.”

Just Us - Milestones and Fun Moments

Back on course.


β€’ We are slowly weaning and expressing heavily because mama has to spend way a lot more time far away from her.

β€’ She can sit on her own now for longer hours with a little help from her nursing pillow.

β€’ Her hands have grown stronger. She can hold and lift her toys up without a struggle

β€’ She babbles alot and In her babbling she can make a ‘ba’ sound.

β€’ Talk about rolling over, she can roll from her back to her tummy. Last week on Thursday I put her on the sofa to grab myself something to eat from the kitchen when I heard deafening screams. She was on the floor 😳. You should have seen how scared I was. I panicked. And now I can’t stand to leave her on the sit or bed without having her well secured.

β€’ Her grasp has grown stronger.

β€’ She sleeps for 11-13 hrs straight without opening her eyes. She breastfeeds with her eyes closed in between the night.

β€’ She watches TV like a grown person. Sometimes she forgets that I’m sitted there with her.

Just us - Milestones and Fun Moments
5 months baby milestones

Fun Moments

β€’ How she laughs so loudly with her sweet tiny voice whenever I kiss her allover her face unto her small neck, is mind blowing . She literally belly laughs – loud deep hearty laughs. My heart melts every time she does that.

β€’ The smile she gives me every time she wakes up and sees my face is to die for 🀭. I love it.

β€’ How she breathes heavily with excitement when someone is about to carry her up is adorable.

β€’ The way she moves her mouth like she is chewing whenever I’m eating or putting anything in my mind is totally cute with mixed guilty feelings. Sometimes she cries and pushes herself forward in a bid to reach for my plate. I have to put something in her mouth so that I can eat in peace πŸ˜….

β€’ How she licks anything and everything her mouth finds or her hands can hold, from her toys, her hands, to other people’s clothes, her blankets, shawl etc. We almost calling her ‘wamlambez’. πŸ˜‚

5 months baby milestones
Just us - Milestones and Fun Moments

β€’ How she stops breastfeeding to look at friends talking or coming in is super cute to watch.

β€’ The way she babbles back like she is trying to communicate whenever I talk back to her or someone new carries her is totally Mind-blowing. She leaves us laughing all the time.

β€’ The way she laughs heartily whenever I throw her up is so fun. I do this every night before she sleeps and if I don’t then she becomes ish ish and makes sound like ‘euing-uuing-eeuui’ just to signal me.

β€’ How she smiles, laughs and gets excited whenever she watches something exciting on TV. It makes me laugh too.

β€’ The way she stretches herself is too cute to watch. Ain’t nothing cute as watching a baby stretch.

β€’ How she babbles along and smiles whenever I’m singing for her to sleep is everything. I wait for such moments.

The list is endless. I’m looking forward for more memorable moments with her in ‘just us – Milestones and Fun Moments.

What can I say; Motherhood is beautiful

Ps: I so love my hair like this 🀭. Simple. African. Natural. And super cute.

Just us - Milestones and Fun Moments
Just us - Milestones and Fun Moments
Ms Kaela 
5 months baby milestones

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  1. Kids grow really fast. One day when she is all grown you’ll show her this article. I’m sure she’ll really laughy at herself. By the way you two look so beautiful. I can’t have enough of this pics

  2. I really enjoyed reading this. You are having some great memories that you will never forget! I like your outfit I wanna see more of that, and your lips look gorgeous in dark purple babe. x x xx


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