I used to get really exhausted planning for a 6 outfits photoshoot with a professional photographer for just an hour or two that involved change of locations. After I bought a professional camera I decided to learn camera tricks on how to take blog pictures myself .

To run a blog requires money, and it normally takes some time before you can harvest the fruits of your effort in creating content through the blog sphere. As such, one needs to save every dime they get.

Hiring a professional photographer can be expensive. Most professional photographers charge 12-15 professionally edited pics at 6-8k and yet for every outfit I need 4-7 pics. So it bits logic to pay more than 8k for 6 outfits that needs more than 24 pics.

So I decided to invest in a professional camera, bought different lenses, small portable lights and a tripod stand which can be adjusted to any size.

If you are a blogger on the go like me who has some other hustles on the side in that you can barely get time to schedule photoshoots and you wanna save some extras coins, then this tips will come in handy for you.

I also love sharing my outfits and bits of my life without being confined to time, a person or schedule. I like taking pictures based on how my day is unfolding in different sceneries without affecting my flow of activities. And so this craft of taking professional pictures myself has really been of great help to me.

So here is how I Take Blog Pictures Myself With A Professional Camera

  1. Download a nikon or Canon wireless app.
  2. Mount your camera on a tripod stand
  3. Adjust the lense of the camera to your liking.
  4. Enable WiFi on your camera.
  5. Go to your phone settings. Under the WiFi options select your camera’s WiFi.
  6. Click on the nikon/Canon wireless app to open it.
  7. Select ‘take pictures’ option.
  8. Set the timer or click on the app’s camera button as you change positions.

That’s all. Simple. Right.

The photos are automatically saved on my phone and in my camera’s memory card.

Using my camera’s Wi-Fi, I download the photos on my laptop then edit them professionally in Adobe photoshop or lightroom. Sometimes I edit them on my phone using Snapseed.

Ps: Good lighting is key for great flawless pictures.

Here are some pictures I took through the wireless Nikon app. Also I’m super excited that this jumpsuit is now fitting perfectly well. Click here to see some other pics I took the same day together with the below photos.

How I Take Blog Pictures Myself With A Professional Camera
How I Take Blog Pictures Myself With A Professional Camera
How I Take Blog Pictures Myself With A Professional Camera
How to yourself Take blog pictures With a professional camera
How I Take Blog Pictures Myself With Professional camera
How to take good outfit selfies
Stylish jumpsuit


  1. Wow you look amazing in a jumpsuit and i love those gold heels. You look really classy! I like your hair and your lip colour. Your shape is gorgeous and i love how your legs look in this. Id love to be your photographer, i wouldnt charge you a penny, just watching you walk around in outfits like this would be payment enough babe. πŸ˜‰ x x x


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