How to travel on a budget

So you would like to go for a holiday or vacation and you don’t have enough cash? Do you know how to travel on a budget with little to nothing?

I ain’t rich yet. I worry about each & every penny I use, but travelling is one of those guilty pleasures I so love indulging in after I realized that I don’t have to break my bank account to travel to my desired destinations. These tips on how to travel on a budget, especially for these coming festive holidays will come in handy for you without having to worry about January.

Whether you are planning for a girls trip, or you are travelling independently, whether you are going for your honeymoon, a weekend getaway, birthday holiday, or a self -drive – for both local and international travels apply this tips and get to save a lot.

6 Tips of How To Travel On A Budget

  1. Book in advance – Prices for flight tickets, hotels and general packages increase as we near the holiday or festive season. You need to plan your trip and book your hotel or flight before the season, 3-2 months early. don’t forget to book your return ticket as well in advance.
  2. Plan your travel around off-peak period – Travelling around off-peak times is as fulfilling as traveling around high season. the advantages are numerous – you get to enjoy luxurious hotels and visit great places at a very low cost compared to peak season. Also you’ll get undivided attention from the customer care personnel. remember off-peak times differ from countries to countries and from one city to another. Do your homework well and compare the prices.
  3. Book flight, hotels and transfers/car rentals together – You’ll save more than 30% of the money you’ll have used to book different single items separately. The term package or holiday deals aren’t used to lure people into paying way expensive than normal items, they usually have very subsidized price compared to the normal prices.
  4. Be flexible on your travel days and book when flights are less expensive. some flights are less expensive on Tuesdays, some on weekends and some Thursdays. Just check which day are flights to your holiday destination are least expensive and book. remember to book 3-4 wks earlier.
  5. Get some friends to travel with you – Ain’t no travel so fun than travelling with friends, because you’ll get to cost share the packages that would have been super expensive when travelling alone and you’ll have more memorable fun moments with friends. Do you know that if you are travelling with friends and call a travels agency to get you a good cheap deal, they’ll do it insanely cheap within a snap of a finger based on the fact that you are many?? Victorian Travel Solution always got my back like 100% . Try them out. But do mention my name to get unmatched deals
  6. Lastly look for cheap eat outs – Go to local hotels or buy food from the supermarkets. You’ll save more than eating in the hotel of your accommodation.

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If you are planning to travel with kids here are some travelling tips when travelling with infants. click here.

How to travel on a budget

Your Travel Made Easy & Cheap

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